Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I'm still sorry I have been absent from bogland!

I owe you all an apology as I was gone for so long with no reasons...just excuses!  I had my quilt done in February but my daily life got in the way and I forgot to tell Susan and Chooky that I am allergic to binding.  I am also allergic to dust so I am in big trouble as my quilt has been sitting in one spot for almost 3 months.  I am feeling ashamed.  Thank you Chooky and Susan for not giving up on me and for encouraging me to come back to blog land.  I'll be back soon.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I am very behind in posting my SAL blocks for May, June and now July...yikes!

I am so bad at blogging but I am promise to catch up and stay in tune!

I have especially enjoyed making July's block as I took it with me to stitch on our trip to Australia!  What an amazing trip it was!  I am getting my pictures ready to post so stay tuned...


June making hexies!

May each one of these blocks.  I do need to hurry up and put legs and heads on my ladybugs though!  Yikes!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Just for laughs...

Natures Journey SAL - April blocks

On time with days to spare...but I must remember to post on both my blog and Chooky/Sue's SAL blog!  I get so excited about just finishing my blocks that the posting tends to get delayed.  Well with no further delay I now present Aprils blocks.....

WAIT...something is wrong!  Oh no, I forgot there was an email from The Patchwork Angel regarding an error in the pattern.  Oh my...but I love this star!  As suggested by Chooky I will rework it into my label. 

That's better!  The smaller version is so cute!  I really enjoyed the English paper piecing method.
And now for the rest of my April blocks.

Natures Journey SAL - March blocks

Wow...where are the days going?  A very late post for my March blocks!
My stars where inadvertently sewn just a little wonky.  I really don't know how that happened.  But that's is wonky these days.  LOL 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

2015 SAL Natures Journey

It has been quite some time since I last posted. Life just seems to fly by. Although I did not post I have actually finished quite a few quilting projects since the last SAL.
I am so excited to be part of Chookyblue's Stich-Along this year. We are stitching Natures Journey by Annie Downs this time.  I absolutely love this pattern. This is my first attempt at appliqueing using the applique paper, Roxanne's glue and for now chop sticks! Lol. I hope to have my Lynette Anderson aplisticks for our next months assignment. In the past I have always used the raw edge applique method. I am confident now to move on to this more difficult method. It was a challenge but I think I did okay?!  I am pleased with the outcome on my February blocks.
Happy stitching girls!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Presenting........Hannah & Harrington

This is a free BOM pattern from Raspberry Rabbits.  I absolutely loved working on this project.  I will be adding black boarders to it soon, I just need to find the perfect fabric.  The sashing is primative gatherings so I would like to find more of that fabric for the sashing.